Friday, 28 June 2013

Standards for Betting on Sports Online

Most of the sports bettors do not tend to follow the sportsbook guidelines prior to placing any bet. To find out the rules related to each of the sportsbook the best timing would be when the questions have still not appeared, making a quick scan of the “fine print” to utilize the time to the fullest. Almost all the sportsbooks have to follow certain guidelines that are universal in nature which include time duration of any sporting event that makes it an official one and other such rules. However, there remain a few aspects in sports betting which is specific to each of the sportsbook. The standards to be maintained are enlisted below. 

Sports’ betting online has its Own Set of Rules

Rules that are Universal in Nature:

Approximately all the sportsbooks are made to pursue those regulations that constitute any official sporting event or game. Normally, in events based on basketball and football, the time limit is in a period of five minutes of the completion of a full match. This implies that a soccer game is declared as an official match only when 55 minutes have been completed, for NBA games it is 43 minutes while college basketball games are declared official once 35 minutes of the matches are over. 

Rules that are Specific:

Among other sporting events, baseball is one that involves many complications in rules for sportsbooks, which are mostly catered around “starting pitchers”. Each sportsbook has its own criteria for regulations in this case. Another issue that is sportsbook specific is the “teasers and parlays” area.  What most sportsbooks will do is dropping the game numbers, though some of the former sportsbooks might just follow the old guidelines. Such sportsbooks need to be completely averted.

Some Supplementary Rules in Football:

Since football is a top rated choice in sports booking online, some extra guidelines related to football betting are provided below:

1. “Overtime scoring” is inclusive of second half and full time wagers.
2. Fourth quarter wagers are not inclusive in “overtime scoring”.
3. Except for notification prior to any contest, it is mandatory for the events to be played on the date as scheduled.
4. Teasers with an “open leg” and “losses” are considered complete losses.
5. A player who is involved in statistics of “football propositions” needs to possess a minimum of single “rushing attempt”, else the wager will have to be marked as “No Action”.

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You might as well devote some of your precious time to your sportsbook if you really want to make some money out of the wager. You will hardly face any surprise and learn to make quick money by implementing proper strategies for winning the bet.

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